At the beginning it is recommended to choose categories from Species lists. These categories will be visible and usable when recordig your observations. It is possible to add other categories later. When any category is used in your observations, it can´t be removed from the Species lists.
It is recommended to check the box and fill in your name in Settings in a part called „Use observer´s name ___“
When adding New Observation start with Location on the page called Site. There are 3 ways how to register your location. Long tap into the map or by GPS icon (it saves your actual position) or write down your coordinates manually. In general it is recommended to have your GPS module switched on.
To add your observed species use the page called Observations. There are several ways how to record your observations. Write down a name of a specie (in Latin or English) or use a voice search (English) or choose a specie from a list (List button). You can combine all these ways.
You can add detailed information to your observations on the page called Observation detail. There are additional information such as Number, Estimate, Remarks, Hide and other. It is also possible to take a photo from the location or add a photo from your gallery.
Action bar icons are situated at the top of each page. You can Save your observations, Delete selected records, Send selected records to the server etc.
When sending records to the server you have a possibility to hide some kind of information for others. You can hide the whole record with all observations or you can hide just a specific observation or you can hide a location, so that there is no precise position of your record.
All your records are situated on the page called My observations. Records are green until they are sent to the server. When sending to the server use your login – it is the same one used in AOPK CR information system. For external users it is your e-mail address.
There are several functions on the My observations page. You can display selected records on the map or export it to the table or send it by email.
It is possible to have several records connected with one location (eg. when you visit the same location every week). If you want to add another record to the location, select the location on page My observations, display it on the map, tap the pin and an icon Add new record will be shown in the action bar menu.
All the species observed are situated on the page called Observed species. You can filter a specific species or a specific category and display corresponding records. You can thus easily find out when and where you have seen a specific species/category.
You can synchronize your data form to the NCA CR server. New and changed records are sent to the server (record and all its observations). And on the other hand latest data from server are sent back to the mobile device (30 day period is set as default, it is possible to change it in Settings) – so you can eg. restore your lost or deleted records.

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