About project

You possibly need some kind of notepad while hiking in nature and watching species to make notes on your observations. Czech Nature Conservation Agency is looking for species observation records and offers BioLog app

BioLog app serves as an off-line notepad for your observations of animals, plants or mushrooms in nature of Central Europe. The application enables the localisation (via Google maps) and recording of your species observations in structured form, which is possible to be imported into Species Occurrence Database of NCA (portal.nature.cz) or exported for your own purposes.

Application is available in Czech and English language.


  • Recording of observed species on the spot
  • Selection of species from the checklist, by typing or by voice recognition
  • Adding of photographs or remarks to the record
  • Overview of observations in list and on map
  • Export of tabular file (csv format)
  • Possibility of import of records into Species Occurrence Database of NCA (account needed)
  • Application does not need internet connection

Owner and author of the project: © NCA CR 2014 – Jan Zárybnický
Graphic design: NCA CR – Oldřiška Sedláčková
Created by: Pavel Bartolotti, Karel Šaroch, Zdeněk Kučera, Jan Zárybnický
Contact: portal@nature.cz


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